“You don’t need a crutch. You need to go shoot.”

Scott Bourne wrote a rant about how he felt that photographers were spending too much time on gear and not enough on actual shooting. I quote:

If they can simply stop making excuses and start shooting, they’ll see for themselves I am right. In fact, if this group spent half the energy they expend on complaining about their gear on actual photography, they’d be masters… Shoot with what you have. Stop pretending that the next big piece of gear will make the difference for you.

You don’t need a crutch. You need to go shoot.

Almost as a god-send, this post by him underscores my previous post comparing the MacBook Air against the MacBook Pro. Sure the context is different, but yet in a way they are both about creation – what machine we use cannot replace the responsibility nor privilege to create and produce. What is important is that you use the machine, Air or Pro. The same goes for software. Final Cut Pro or iMovie? Microsoft Word or TextEdit? Don’t get me wrong. There always come a time when professional tools and equipment are necessary.

What I’m trying to say is this: don’t let the perceived lack of equipment hinder your creation; if it is really an obstacle, then overcome it by getting better equipment, but only when you must have it, not when you think you need it.


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