7 Tech Trade-offs Worth Making

The New York Times had a great article on tech trade offs that are worth making.
To many people, buying a new gadget is a big decision, probably due to the higher cost compared to other stuff we buy, and also the expected usage term.

A gadget is a very personal decision and a variety of factors influence our decisions. These 7 tips should help to lessen the decision making process.

  1. Pay for PC memory, not speed
  2. Pay for messaging, not minutes
  3. Pay for components, not cables
  4. Pay for sensor size, not megapixels
  5. Pay for speed, not channels
  6. Pay for AppleCare, not MobileMe
  7. Pay for tv size, not refresh rate

I agree whole heartedly with many of the points in the article. Among all, point 4 is the most pertinent. I often hear people act like experts and say, my camera has 96884902-1673^653 megapixels. Does that even matter when it is being shot onto a tiny tiny sensor, or worse in the case of camera phones, via a lens that’s smaller than a size 10 arial O? See our related post, 12 megapixels is more than sufficient for your camera. What are your own personal trade offs?

For the full read, head over to the following link.

7 Tech Trade-offs Worth Making via The New York Times


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