Nikon D90 officially discontinued

By Nikon Rumors; but it’s from the Nikon site. You can still buy it from retailers who have it in stock though.

In Singapore, a place I’d always recommend for camera equipment is John 3:16 Photo Supplies. It’s not the cheapest though, but cheap enough and their staff is always friendly and willing to share. Need to test out a camera? Just ask them for it and chances are you’d get to try them out almost always. The best part to me is their after sales service (I always send my camera there for cleaning, free, before a major shoot) and also their treatment of customers – as friends instead of money generators. On the latter point, they are even willing to sell something cheaper or recommend not purchasing if they feel it’s not to the benefit of the customers.

Note: I buy all my stuff there but receive no commission for any sales. In fact, this place is almost always consistent with price.


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