All your eggs in a basket

Sorry for the lack of updates! My Internet connection went down on Monday and it took me 2 days and many phone calls to get it fixed.

Just as a background, I am currently using SingTel’s Mio fibre broadband bundled with digital voice and TV. As such, all my services are being bundled with the modem. I it’s really my luck that the fibre optical network terminal decided to hang up on me on a public holiday eve, and with it went my TV access in the room, the home telephone line, and most importantly Internet connection.

While bundling sounds great and all, I believe the number one thing when it comes to tech (and probably everything else in life) is not to put all your eyes into a single basket. This exposure to a single service provider has showed me that a glitch at one end would result in many undesirable effects.

And… Digital voice is not such a good idea after all. You lose your fixed phone connection in times of blackouts and network disruptions. I.e. No calling for help in times of emergency. Maybe the cost savings aren’t worth it after all. But then how many of us would argue that who uses fixed lines anymore since almost everyone has 1 or more mobile phones nowadays?


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