Tutorial: how to tether your iPad to iPhone

This is how you do it if you are like me and would like to convenience of 3G yet do not want to pay the difference of S$180 for a 3G iPad model. That’s not all the costs though; there’s still the ‘hidden’ costs of using the 3G*.

Disclaimer: This is relevant only if your provider does not charge for tethering.

The iPhone 4 has personal hotspot which allows you to connect via Wi-Fi. The older phones (meaning 3GS and older) are unable to do that, but they can still tether using Bluetooth. Since I am using a 3GS, this tutorial will be focusing on the bluetooth method, but they are esentially the same.

Step 1: Turn on internet tethering (or personal hotspot) in network options

Step 2: Go to Bluetooth and select your iPad

Step 3: Once connected, you should see the blue bar with the words Internet Tethering pop up

Troubleshooting: If you see this, this means your internet tethering option was not turned on, refer to Step 1, make sure you do that first!


* There’s 3 ways you can get 3G on your iPad. First, you can apply for a new data plan. This is the most expensive, and is not recommended unless you cannot go with the other 2 options. Second, you can apply for Multi SIM. Basically this is a separate SIM card which shares the same number/line and hence data from your main SIM. As per what I knew, Multi SIM with Singtel costs S$10 per month, but it’s not contracted, and S$7 for Starhub. The third option is what DT is doing now, which is to apply for a new number but tie the number to your original data plan. For Singtel, this is cheaper as it only costs S$5 a month, but it is contracted for 24 months.


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