App review: Dialvetica

If you find iPhone’s call/SMS apps a little lacking and cluttered, Dialvetica is a great app to look out for. From the developer’s site:

  • Fast, fast, fast
  • Pulls from your existing contacts
  • Uncluttered, minimalist interface
  • Learns from your habits

Honestly, this app has been on my wish list ever since it came out but the cheapskate me never gotten down to getting it, simply because it’s US$1.99* and I couldn’t justify replacing my call/SMS apps, since they worked; just not well enough. I mean, sure they frustrated me sometimes but I’d live with it.

However, Shawn Blanc did a great review on it and those who find the native apps lacking might want to consider Dialvetica after reading his review. Ben Brooks also chimed in with some thoughts on the app.


In Jan 11 it was US$0.99 and after the increase it never went down again. I might just get it if it’s US$0.99.


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