Tips: Web surfing in public

If you find yourself wanting to surf a few websites and feel that it may have some content that may not come across as appropriate in a public setting for e.g. NSFW, or surfing WoW forums, blogs in class or at work, here is an addon that I recommend using Decreased Productivity:

Decreased Productivity (DP) adds two buttons to your status bar for toggling Work-safe mode on or off at the per-tab or browser level. Work-safe mode* applies a style sheet to the page that turns the page into black text on a white background, removes background images, makes images almost invisible but more visible on mouse over, and hides all flash, java or other embedded applets.

So what it does is that the website that you are visiting can be toggled on and off with a simple click to strip all formatting and backgrounds, leaving you with black text on white.

I have that addon on my work computer, (some websites really have garish designs that I’d rather strip clear of all formatting for easier reading). To enable it to work in Firefox 4, follow this following tip by zitronic:

If you want to use it with Firefox 4 just type about:config on the address bar, right click on any item and add a boolean value called extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0 setting it to false.

For those of us stuck in a work setting with no user privileges to install your own plugins and browser, the good news is that the plugin works with portable firefox.

For those of you wondering what portable apps are, they are basically standalone programs that run from a folder which you can copy into your thumbdrive and use without installation, thus allowing you to use them on computers which you have no admin rights.

So, headover to and get Firefox together with DP for some awesome work safe surfing.

Protip: Check out this comment on how to enable flash in portable Firefox.


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