TOOZE roundups: SplashTop, Garmin, Oatmeal

Once a while we’d do a roundup here at TOOZE for technology news which potentially affect you our readers, but not exactly suitable for a full length post. Here’s the first of it and I hope you find them as useful as they are to us.

Splashtop Hits a Top Spot For Business Apps (PCWorld)

SplashTop is an iPad app that allows you to control your PC (yes, both Win and Mac platforms) from your iPad. Personally, I’ve tried it and it didn’t grow on me much but it’s darn cheap compared to the alternatives. I might be doing a review sometime later so look out for it. Nonetheless, check out the full report here.

Garmin looks to purchase Navigon (Phandroid)

Garmin, the giant in-car navigation tool/app maker looks set to buy Navigon, another navigation app maker. According to the Phandroid, this might signify Garmin’s re-entry into the Android market. We’d keep you guys posted not when it happens, but when we have news of the fruits of the acquisition. Full report here.

Cartoons about purchasing of apps and on using smartphones (The Oatmeal)

Oatmeal published the first cartoon a while back but it has never failed to tickle me. WIth my recent post about iOS 5, this cartoon becomes even more relevant. The second cartoon is on his (or maybe your) experience using smartphones; our love and hate relationship with them. First cartoon is here, and the second here.


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