TOOZE roundups: Instagram, iPad, Office 365

For this roundup, we look at Instagram, choosing iPads and Microsoft’s Office 365.

Mastering Instagram

Digital Photography School published an article about 10 ways you can improve your photos on Instagram. It’s a good read, especially if you are a fan of using your phone as you primary means of photographic expression. Full article here.

Choosing an iPad

PCWorld published an article on how you should choose your iPad, assuming you haven’t gotten it yet. Personally, I’d say read the article but sit on it because the standing rumor now is that there might be an iPad 3 by the end of the year. Full article here.

While you are at it, XY also wrote an article sometime back about using the iPad 2, and that should also give you an idea of which iPad to get. Read that article here.

Office 365 vs Google Docs

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft have launched their much awaited (not for me) Office 365, which is (to put it loosely) Google Docs by Microsoft. PCWorld ran an article about the feature comparsions between the two. Do check it out if you are keen on moving your documents or office to the cloud. Full article here.


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