TOOZE roundups: laptops, Twitter, HP TouchPad

The best laptops for school

Gizmodo ran a post about their take on the best back to school laptops. A useful read for those looking to get a new one. For those looking to get a new Mac laptop, do wait if you can for OS X Lion to be out (supposedly within 1-2 weeks), and with it rumored updates to their laptop lines. Read the full post here.

“Twitter changed my life”

Lex Friedman wrote the above title. It’s an interesting read, especially for those who still wonder about the point of Twitter. His article can be found here. Also, here’s the link to the previous post I’ve written about my take on Twitter.

Review of the HP TouchPad

Shawn Blanc wrote a superbly detailed review on the TouchPad, and webOS. Do check it out if you are contemplating the TouchPad for yourself. However, if you just want the gist of it, here’s Shawn Blanc’s conclusion:

As a tech writer it was great to be able to use and live with the TouchPad for a while. There are many things I appreciate about webOS, and I’m glad I was able to spend some time with a non-Apple device for once. But, alas, the TouchPad is far less likable than I expected it would be. As it is I would not recommend it to anyone I know — even my friends with webOS phones.

Check out his full review here.


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