Becoming an Apple fanboy

Over here at TOOZE, XY represents the geek who’s into hardware, gaming and Windows, while I’m into apps (both mobile and on the PC), design and Apple.

Not surprising that I found the story of how a Windows Magazine editor becoming an Apple fanboy interesting. Here’s some golden nuggets for you, but do promise me you’d read the whole article, because it’s not so much the conversion that got me chuckling, but rather the reasons for conversion that resonated with me and I’m sure, with many of you.

Mike Elgan:

The perfect out-of-box experience with the iPhone, the elegance of the whole experience of using an iPhone, re-set my expectations for how consumer electronics and computers should function. I started looking at the out-of-box experience of buying a Windows PC with a new contempt. The crapware. The stickers. The anti-virus software problem where the cure is worse than the disease. The flimsy hardware. It’s not so much that I despised Windows PCs, but that it felt like Microsoft and the PC makers despised them, like they all have no respect for their own platform.

I totally agree with Elgan because the experience of unboxing an Apple product is unparalleled. Says even my other hardcore Windows friend.

Elgan again:

Other companies could do extraordinary things in the future. Apple could falter. If all that happens, I’ll be happy to switch again. I have no unreasonable loyalty to Apple. I’m just a satisfied customer.

He totally nailed it. It’s not about Apple per se; even though they have one of the best marketing in the world. However, make no mistake: marketing cannot make up for a crappy experience.

And the last nugget (anymore and I’d be plagiarizing):

If Apple can turn the editor of Windows Magazine into a fanboy, no one is safe.

Read the full article here. (Via Minimal Mac)


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