On the HP TouchPad

[Update: I just realized that I have published this already in one of the roundups; nonetheless it’s a great read for those who missed it previously. Also, I’ve included in this post the link to Blanc’s experience in using one; something that I haven’t posted before]

This is a little late in coming, but when Shawn Blanc bought himself a HP TouchPad a while ago, he recorded the experience of owning one to a detail (of vicarious living) that allows for one to consider if he or she should get one. Prior to publishing that, he wrote an extensive review on both the TouchPad and on WebOS, the OS running in the tablet.

As a quick summary, here’s Blanc from his review:

As a tech writer it was great to be able to use and live with the TouchPad for a while. There are many things I appreciate about webOS, and I’m glad I was able to spend some time with a non-Apple device for once. But, alas, the TouchPad is far less likable than I expected it would be. As it is I would not recommend it to anyone I know — even my friends with webOS phones.

Read the rest of the great review here, and his experience of using one here.


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