Snapseed 1.2: photo editing in iOS just got better

Most of my friends know that I’m a huge fan of Snapseed, a photo editing app on the iPad. In fact, I use it as my primary editor now despite having Adobe CS 4 and Apple’s Aperture 3.

Since I’d reviewed Snapseed 1.0, the developers have allowed for RAW functionality in version 1.1, checking off one of my wishes for the app.

Today, with yet another version, the developers of Snapseed fulfilled yet another wish of mine: the addition of standard aspect ratio for cropping. As if it’s not enough, Snapseed is now a universal app, and allows for in-app capturing of photos. What this means is that I now can use Snapseed as my camera and editor; no more reliance on Instagram, or having to snap in the Camera app only to import it later.

The last few wishes would be improvement to their Center Focus filter, inclusion of a revert option and sharpening. On a side note, it just crossed my mind that sharpening might not happen for a while because it’s really difficult to implement. I mean, all the filters are essentially layers on my original photo, but sharpening manipulates my photo directly — and that is tough — so I’d gladly wait for it.

Then again, I’m willing to wait for it because the developers have been really great in updating their app. If you haven’t tried it, are looking for an editor on your iOS device, and are only willing to pay US$4.99 (as compared to hundreds for Photoshop), please get this app.

As an aside, here’s my photo edited in Snapseed:


My original review for Snapseed can be found here, and the update of it here.


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