How well known do you want to be? On online privacy

Joanna Geary wrote an illuminating article about how one’s physical identity can be created starting from one single tweet, and lots of googling. It’s primarily not an article to scare, but to educate and remind, especially because the digital world doesn’t forget as humans do.

In her words:

It’s easy to say it’s incumbent on the individual to protect their own privacy, but it’s hard to see how we can always stop this type of jigsaw identification of people online. Sometimes people are mentioned online without them even knowing. Certainly having stricter default Facebook privacy settings would help, but it’s not the only answer.

Read the full article to get a sense of what can be done, and then try the same and see if a similar situation could befall you. If no, good. If yes.. well, you decide if it’s something you want to happen, and if it’s something you can help. I share the same sentiments as Ben Brooks on this:

That’s some seriously good sleuthing, but should be of no surprise to anyone — and if it is, then perhaps you are not ready for the Internet. 

Link to the article here. (Via Ben Brooks)


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