TOOZE on Facebook, post schedules, and calling it a webcolumn

Today, we’d glad to announce that we have our very own Facebook page where you can refer to for updates and more discussions! Since we’ve linked WordPress to Facebook, all posts will be automatically updated on our FB page. So if you are a heavy FB user or just want to receive updates in your FB Feed, just head over to our page and like us! It’s also a great place to discuss about topics and posts!


After three months of writing, XY and myself have settled on a post schedule of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (Singapore Time — + 8h GMT). This should bring some regularity to our posts and hence to your reading. We are unable to do daily posts due to our full-time jobs, and while we strive to keep to this schedule, do pardon us should we miss some!


When XY and myself started this whole writing thing, we called it a blog, but the more we thought about it, the less it resembled one. I quote Charles Skoda (via Ben Brooks):

When I tell people about this website, I still hesitate whenever referring to it as my blog. The thing is, I really hate that word. ‘Blog’ incites visions of the nearly endless wasteland of sites that were started in March of 2004 and fell into disrepair a half-dozen posts and two pageviews later…

We share his sentiment, because there are many blogs out there, and most of them are like how he described with of course a few notable exceptions.  Over here at TOOZE, both XY and myself strive to bring to our readers meaningful discussions and opinions to benefit the masses, and the term blog just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.

He then carried on (with me adding in a reference to TOOZE):

[TOOZE] could be pretty accurately described as self-published, editorial columns. Wouldn’t that be a mouthful. But hey, column isn’t bad. Is that too misleading? How about webcolumn?

With that in mind, welcome to TOOZE, a curated technology webcolumn by DT and XY.


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