Steve Jobs’ greatest gift to the world

You’ve probably heard that Steve Jobs quit his job as CEO of Apple Inc. already.

Being the Apple fanboy that I am, I really thought that I should write something about it, but I got stuck. So I went ahead and wrote about my experience with Apple products, and suddenly I felt like I knew what was Steve Jobs’ greatest gift to the world and us.

Steve Jobs’ greatest gift to the world is Apple herself — her staff, her culture, her vision.

Sure, we all know that Steve Jobs was one of the founders of Apple, but that hardly was a gift, because at that time, no Steve = no Apple. Over the years after his return, he transformed the music and consumer electronics industry through Apple, but more importantly he transformed Apple to grow beyond him.

All the products that have left the doors of Cupertino bear the mark of Steve Jobs, but none screams of his identity — there’s no hogging of the limelight or him saying ‘all thanks to me’. No. It was just Apple, and he, as part of Apple, created magic with the rest of Apple and changed the world.

I have no doubt that Apple will continue to grow and I look forward to many good years ahead with Apple.

To Steve Jobs, thank you for this gift and best wishes.

p.s. As an aside, I am now a proud owner of three AAPL shares.



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