An Apple to apple comparison

It’s no secret that I love Apple, to the point that my friend called me an ‘Apple slut’. I know that I like (or even love) Apple, but for some reason couldn’t really explain why. I mean, I love the designs of the products, the way the products worked — be it software or hardware — the innovative marketing and all that, but those reasons didn’t seem to be completely justifiable.

Then I bought the Smart Cover for my iPad, and made the comment that any company who bothered to etch a sentence (and not just any sentence, but a coherent marketing sentence that reads: Designed by Apple in California) is a company that will win millions.

At that point in time, it was the near-fanatical attention to details that made me truly impressed with Apple.

Then, Adrian Slywotzky gave me yet another reason to love Apple.

In his article, Steve Jobs and the Eureka Myth*, Slywotzky attempted to dispel the myth that Apple’s products were creations of magic; the truth is they are, except that the magic takes a discipline and effort that rivals most of any company’s attempts.

I quote:

Because Apple knows the more you compete inside, the less you’ll have to compete outside.

And yet another (emphasis mine):

Under Jobs’ leadership, Apple has done 10 times the amount of relevant homework of most companies — internal competitions, supply chain training, endless deal-making, endless recruiting, training, and generating and sustaining employee excitement that you just can’t fake.

It’s not that I am an Apple slut; or maybe I am. But the point of contention is not why I am a slut, but why I ain’t a HP or a Windows or a RIM slut or any others’ for that matter.

The reason why I love Apple more than any other, is because they don’t give me crap. Sure it’s mass produced, but at least its not mass produced crap.

So if anyone from the tech industry is reading this, let me offer you a piece of advice:

Stop thinking that Apple customers don’t know better. The truth is we do, and you are not showing us anything better than Apple.

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, Apple trash-talks the competition after shipping a product (complete with the testing and marketing and what-nots), not before.


*The full article can be found here, and I highly recommend it.


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