DT: You know, I just realised we always talk about different things. I’d talk about software and Apple stuff and you’d update me on PC stuff and hardware… It’d be interesting if we wrote a tech webcolumn together.

XY: Actually it’d be interesting…

That conversation which happened sometime in mid May 2011 started it all. Within days, the blog was put together and the first post published on 13 May 2011, which incidentally was Friday the 13 (in Singapore).

who is

David Teo (DT) and Xueyong (XY) are two self-professed geeks looking to share their thoughts and information gleaned from the web. DT is in the education industry, looking to impact the future generation without the usage of sledgehammers, while XY is in the finance industry looking to find ways to grow money from the ground or make it fall from the sky. In their free time, DT designs and dabbles in photography while XY games and well, games.

Both writers are based in Singapore. For questions and feedback, drop them a mail at mailtooze@gmail.com or follow them on twitter. Alternatively, you can also fill up a mobile form.

DT’s personal blog odthoughts can be found here.


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